Sunday, August 31

Touchdown Miami Well, I went

Touchdown Miami

Well, I went ahead and did it. I ordered NFL Sunday Ticket so I can watch all 16 Miami Dolphins regular season games, and any and all other teams regular season games too. It's a little bit of an extravagant purchase, and to afford it CB won't be able to eat til November, but Goll Darnit, I'm Stuart Smiley.

It was kind of interesting calling up Eastlink to order it. I had investigated all the features etc online before I called, so I knew pretty much everything I asked 'John", but I wanted to hear an actual human tell me all about it. For me, hearing a human voice tell me the features and how much it costs validates the fact of it.

Anyway, after a few other questions, I asked "And it is available in my area? I live in Charlottetown." "Probably" he says. "You can probably get it." "Can you give me a bit more certainty than 'probably'", I asked. "If I can't get it, I'd rather not waste my time finding out about the specifics." "Well, if you live in Charlottetown, you can probably get it. Unless you live in an outer-area." "What's considered 'outer-area'?" "Like, the outskirts. If you live in the city, you can probably get it." After a couple of moments of back-and-forth banter as to whether I might live in an outskirt, I asked "Is there any way you can tell me, for certain, whether I can get NFL Sunday Ticket in my home?" "What's your phone number?" I tell him. After a bit of fingers-tapping-keyboards, he says "Oh, you have telephone! You have telephone, so you can get it." I'm assuming he means I have Eastlink's telephone service. "Great, I'll order it, then." The second insight into John's potential fallability came when he said something like: "I better enter this now, otherwise I might forget later." The third insight was when, after I ordered it, I asked him how I go about finding the games; what channels all the games were on, and after saying he didn't know, and after some keyboard entry, he began to tell me the channels. But in his telling he got lost in his own confusion and just stopped in mid-sentence. It was as if the information had beaten him.

So, I have every expectation that, come Sunday, when I turn the channel to 507 to watch the Miami Dolphins play Houston (or channels 501 to 513 to watch any other game), that there'll be nothing there. I expect John's done something wrong.

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