Saturday, August 23

A goal for September: To

A goal for September: To bring no fast food into the house during the month. That's not to say there'll be no fast food eaten. It just won't be taken into the home and eaten.

Of course there are all kinds of loopholes and ways out of the deal. If, for instance, you see the family stogging Wendy's burgers into our mouthes out on the deck at suppertime, you'll know why.

I suppose, too, we need to define 'fast food'. Quickly, I'll say it's food from a restaurant that has a drive thru and/or no servers who take your order at your table. I am also omitting pizza from the list of excluded foods.

I'm doubtful we can pull this off, but we have to try. Don't we?

Someone should take bets as to what date in September we fall off the fast food wagon.

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