Tuesday, August 26

I was being driven into

I was being driven into town yesterday, and we were listening to The Beatles. We stopped at an intersection, and I saw, not two feet away from the (my) passenger window, a crow rummaging on the ground for food or gristle or whatever. I wound (is that the right spelling? wow-nd, past tense of wind, as in 'wye-nd'?) the window down so that the crow could listen to Norwegian Wood. It got me wondering: was that crow's quality of life heightened in any way, even momentarily, because of hearing a great song? I assume not, and that makes me feel sorry for crows.

Now I'm wondering whether doing the same thing would have any affect on a street person who's lumped in his cardboard box, were I to pull up to him and blast some Beatles at him. I suppose it would depend on his sanity level, assuming that the more 'insane' the street person is the less likely he'd be affected by the song.

I therefore conclude that crows are insane.

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