Thursday, August 28

It's great to stumble upon

It's great to stumble upon neat sites. Here's one that I like quite a bit. These small (shockwave or flash, I don't know the difference) games are lovely. And, yes, I recognise the softness of that word, but 'lovely' seems to fit. Try them out. My favourite is 'chicken wings' Play that game and I challenge you to not feel remorse for failing to save the cute falling chickens.

I haven't gotten addicted to a game in a long time. Last night I found Doom Funnel Chasers and played it over and over and over again. Today I played it over and over again. The game is played in space. You use a slingshot type device to fling a ball of duct tape. The goal is to get the duct tape ball to clog the Doom Funnel. It gets interesting when you have to take into account the gravitational forces of the various planets. A great, simple game and pretty to look at if you're not so good at it. My top score so far is about 1, 009,000.

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