Wednesday, August 27

Here's something good to know

Here's something good to know for all the un-plumberly people: On a toilet (on our toilet at least) there are two bolts that hold the toilet tank to the toilet bowl. As I learned at 11:30 last night, those bolts can rust away.

What happens when the bolts rust away is rather interesting. Water starts to pour out of the bottom of the tank. The owner starts to panic and yell for his wife to come help as he thrusts his hand into the tank to stick his (quickly numbing) thumb over the hole to try and stop the bleeding. It helps somewhat. However, the tank, now loosened from the bowl's grip, decides to leak from the other side.

It's fascinating to watch copious amounts of water leak out onto your floor. It really gives one a sense of how un-level the floor is as the water zooms out of the bathroom and towards the living room.

After finding a number of tupperware type containers, and letting my hand off the hole to let the water fill into said containers...after that didn't work, I thought "hmm, the tank isn't emptying." My wife quickly ran down stairs turned off the water, I flushed the toilet, and most of the water drained out of the tank. I spent the next half-hour looking for some type of replacement bolt and nut so that we could return to running water. I found something resembling a bolt and McGyver'd a temporary solution.

So that's for all you un-plumb people out there. Be aware that things can rust.

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