Friday, December 10

Time Now For - What's Been Goin' On?

Here's ten quick updates on nothing in particular, in no particular order:
1) Went to A&W with DaveS yesterday for lunch.  I had two Papa Burgers with cheese and a Root Beer.  Yum, yum and yum.  Was served by an inept trainee who, I'm guessing, has, by now, quit.
2) Watched King Arthur with my son a couple of nights ago.  I didn't like it, he did.  Truthfully, I ended up not watching much of it, what with the occasional walking out of the room to do other stuff, and the falling to sleep while in the room, but what I did see I didn't like.  Too much dramatic nothing in between action scenes of whatever-ness.
3) There were quite a few pretty women uptown today at lunch.  Not all together in a group.  Pretty in a Desperate Housewives kind of way.  I don't watch that show.  None of the pretty women seemed to acknowledge my existence.  In their circles, that, I suppose, is a given.
4) I bought myself an iPod.
5) Currently my favourite quick and easy home-cooked-ish meal is Chicken Tikka Masala.   Go to Superstore.  Get a pound of boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  Get a can of (I forget the brand-name, but it's not the PC bottle of, it's a can of [in the imported foods section]) Chicken Tikka Masala paste.  Rice, too.  Cut chicken into strips, briefly cook, add paste and a bit of water, let simmer.  Cook rice.  Add the one to the other.  Eat.  Yum.  Have bread too.
6) I just walked down the hall at the office like I was on a fashion show runway.  My posture was fantastic.  Make a mental note to walk like a model more often.
7) Last Christmas, we ditched the "get a real tree' tradition and purchased a nice artificial tree with lights already attached.  All the lights, the mini-lights, are white.  This year I replaced one of the white lights with a red one.  Now our tree glows all white, except that one special red light.  I REALLY like that, and I'm not sure why.
8) The back right wheel on our car has a sloooow leak.  Nuisance that it is causes me to refill it with air every 2-3 days.  Does it get fixed, or does it get replaced?  That's the question I'm putting off.  Stay tuned.
9) Apart from the reality show idea "Pogey" that I posted below, I also have one that is much more un-pee-see.  I'm calling it "Tremploited".  An amalgam of "Tremploy" (the local company that does/did hire mentally handicapped people as workers) and "exploited".  Not sure of the format, but I think it's time for a show where consenting mentally handicapped people compete against each other in non-athletic competitions, with one getting eliminated each week.  It would all be done, you know, tastefully.  I won't mention the other idea I had for a sex competition, which I call "Special O-Limp-Dicks". 
10) My football picking on this site is atrocious, and as a way to maintain dignity I stopped posting my predictions a long time ago.  I still predict, though.  I go to The Weekly NFL Picks Page and pick each week.  I am currently at 96-80, or 54.5% correct.  And that's with picking games against the spread, not straight-up.  I'm currently third in my pool and 1247th out of a total of 5065 players.  So, you know, above average.


Jason said...

Well well welllll. I think congratulations are in order. Now you have to gather 5000 songs for that puppy. Good stuff Rob.
A little advice from someone who didn't take the same advice (why oh why). Get a clear vinyl covering for you iPod. Those things scratch like crazy. You'll probably notice scratches occuring in a day or two of use.

Wayne said...

My slow leak was fixed by replacing the valve. Cost me nothing, because the repair guy had installled my snow tires for me. Good Luck!

Graham said...

I love you, Rob. I love you like you love that single red light on a tree of white, but not in the way that I love domesticated animals. That's a special kinda love.

Rob MacD said...

Jason - I got the songs already. Too many of 'em in fact. Have to decide which of my babies doesn't get to take the ride from the computer to the iPod.
Wayne - Slow leak was the result of a small nail. Checked and repaired for $15. Acceptable.
Graham - I love you, too, you domesticated animal, you.

dave s said...

rob -
i am shocked and thrilled that you got your ipod. good on you. while you're getting used to it maybe you could wear a tag that reads: "i'm in training, please 'bear' with me". i seem to remember a certain special a&w trainee who had one a those...

Sidney said...

If I were a woman downtown, I would totally notice you. Because you are great. So I bet these Desperate Housewives were desperately trying not to let you notice them staring.
I am happy for your one red light in the tree. I hope that red light has the confidence to pull it off...

Rob MacD said...

That red light gets along great with all the other lights. The white lights realise, I think, that the red light makes them look better, too.