Friday, December 31

Mr. Garrity Goes To Charlottetown

or... For Getting Rid Of Bootleggers, Mr. Garrity gets... The Boot

There hasn't been much that the City of Charlottetown has done lately that's impressed me or given me hope or confidence in that government or its ability to decide what's in the best interest of this city.
Kudos, however, must go out to councillor Bruce Garrity and those involved in the effort to get rid of bootlegging.  It's yet to be seen if their efforts will be a long term success, but it's certainly had a positive effect in the short term.
It must have been quite daunting a task to go after an illegal activity that has become an institution here on the Island, and I can well imagine the difficulties associated with following through with this plan.  I would assume the mayor would be thankful to the people who have succeeded in eradicating bootlegging.  Apparently, though, the mayor expresses his thanks by removing Mr. Garrity from his position and placing him in what appears to be in a portfolio whose metaphorical office is quite likely in the basement of City Hall, next to the furnace, beside the janitorial room.

So, before your efforts become the forgotten positive in a council that has so few positives, I'd like to say thank you, Mr. Garrity, for your dillignece and hard work.


Nils said...

The Mayor is a seasoned politician. He no doubt looks at Bruce Garrity as someone to be feared - if a councillor can accomplish in a few months what none could do in generations (my God, even having the sack to take that task on!), imagine what else he could accomplish. And if he's accomplishing all that, what happens next time there's an election and people are left to choose between a know-nothing, do-nothing political hack and someone who actually gets things done?
Bruce Garrity's demotion is just a chicken-shit move by a chicken-shit local pol. If the bootleggers start popping up again, I want to see an audit on Clifford Lee's bank account.

dylan said...

Just wait until you see the properties that were formerly bootleggers hit the real estate market and get bought up by speculators. Then the true impetus to this drive to end bootlegging will be revealed. The gentrification of Charlottetown could hardly begin until the properties owned by bootleggers downtown could be acquired. Currently most of the streets between Chestnut and Bayfield and between University Ave and Queen St. are owned by local real estate developers. I guess that the presence of bootleggers has been burr in the side of transforming those areas into townhouses and condos. What better way to convince those ppl to sell their downtown houses then to put them out of business.

graham said...

Butclosing the bootleggers will force a handful of recluses to drink at scummy bars, where they actually close. Or they'll be out drunk on the street causing trouble... with the thousands of other drunk people. And what about getting liquor at 3 in the morning, when you're already so plastered you can barely walk home, huh? What about that ?
The closing of these bootleggers is an end to an era. We must now use foresight and planning when it comes to an evening out. It will encourage organization and thought in the corners of our community foreign to these concepts.
I can't believe I actually don't care that the bootleggers are closing, I normally like dirty, crazy things. But I really don't care.
I salute the New World Order, and all the frightened Disney-freaks who stand by it.