Friday, December 3

NHL: With Simulated Action Flavour

If there was NHL hockey this year, my Montreal Canadiens would be playing the Devils in New Jersey tonight.  Instead, my homepage's sports section shows the game as 'postponed'.

But wait.  What's this?  The NHL 2004/2005 season IS on?  What?  It's a simulated season from the folks at WhatIf Sports.  That'll have to do, pig.  Checking the stats, it looks like the Habs are doing pretty good so far, tied for fourth in the Eastern Conference.

Hey, simulated sports, simulated sex nor simulated Ketchup flavour are as good as the real thing, but when you're deprived, you'll take what you can get.


Jason said...

Hey Rob. You may be interested in this. Seeing as though the season was pretty much cancelled, Tech TV decided to take the hi-tech approach and create a virtual NHL season using EA's NHL 2005 to recreate the games of this season. Check it out at

dylan said...

Montreal isn't doing as well in the EA sim so it is clearly flawed and totally a waste of time.