Friday, December 31

But What Of The SuperModels?

I happened to catch, a couple of nights ago, a minute or two of ABC's special report {dramatic music} "Tsunami: Wave of Destruction" {/dramatic music} and am so fortunate that I happened upon it.  Why?  Because of their in-depth coverage of the fate of that Sports Illustrated supermodel who broke some bones in her struggle to survive the disaster.  I am so relieved she is going to be okay.  I'm equally saddened, though, that her photographer boyfriend seems to have perished.  I hope her face is okay.  And her figure.  Let's not be too sad for her, though.  I'm sure she'll find another photographer/boyfriend.
Thank you, ABC, for this report.  I look forward to the million or so other reports on the millions of people who have likewise been affected by this devastation.

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