Saturday, June 5

Sing As You Are, As You Were

Some of you who know me, may know about some of the little theatrical ideas that I sometimes express a desire to perform.

One of those ideas is to take a popular modern song and perform it as a choir, kind of in a Bobby McFerrin style. By that I mean there'd be no instruments, but each person in the choir would be responsible for verbally duplicating a tiny, particular aspect of the song. One person would handle the bass drum, another the high-hat 'tss tss tss' sounds, another the guitar strums, another the bass, etc... as many voices as needed to duplicate the song. The goal would be to try and reproduce all the sounds of the original, as closely as possible, but only using our voices.

I think this would sound neat. Well, now I don't need to do bother. This guy has basically done that, with Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". He didn't use a choir of individuals, though. He does all the sounds himself, recorded individually and then put together.

It's an interesting version. You can click the link above, or over to the left if you'd like to download it and check it out.

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Jeff said...

Kinda' chipmunkish. Like Alvin's Gen-X nephew's, and their ode to power-pop-punky-thing.
"Allllllllviiiiiiiin............what is that noise!?!"