Friday, June 18

I'll Be Your Mirror

So, PEI has a 10 hour outdoor rock concert to talk about this summer. 3 heaadlining bands: Train, Five For Fighting and Fountains of Wayne.

I cannot begin to tell you (actually, by writing this, I guess I am beginning... how about you replace 'begin' with 'bother'...carry on...) how many people I overhear saying something like this: "I'm looking forward to Train and/or Five For Fighting, but I couldn't care less about Fountains of Wayne. I'm so sick of Stacy's Mom."

See, to me, it's exactly the opposite. The only band that really interests me, of the three, is Fountains of Wayne. I understand why people think of them as "that Stacy's Mom band", but they've got a whole parcel of great power-pop songs in their repetoire.

Like Ron Sexsmith (see post below), their one radio song doesn't really do them justice. I expect the people who go to the concert will leave thinking Fountains of Wayne stole the show.

Power Pop rocks, man.

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