Thursday, June 17

A Smoove Lunch

There are people who don't like/cannot eat lunch by themselves. I can dig that. However, I have no problem being by myself, and often look forward to the solo lunch. Of course, too, there's nothing better than feasting with friends.

Lately, I've been lunching sans ami more often so I can learn my lines for our upcoming sketch show. (preparing for 'the show', too, is one of the reasons for lack of posting from me lately). Today, at lunch, was one of those great days where it felt great to be outside in the city. Absolutely perfect weather, a bench, a gorgeous sun, lots of people buzzing about, an appetizing meal and some great tunes playing on my walkman. (who wants to give me an ipod?)

Does anyone know the artist Eamon? (sorry if you don't like his website) I came across him today on a miix cd I have of "artists that I don't know, but I have a song or two by them". The song of his that played today was 'Fuck It" (sorry mom and dad). What a great song. A smooth, kinda old-style R&B flow and groove that's populated with all sorts of pleasingly vulgar lines. While I don't seek out music with 'bad words', I do appreciate a song that makes good use of them. Aside from the great music of this song, I love his nonchalance when singing vulgarity.

Anyway, it was a chore-and-a-half to go back to work this afternoon.

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