Monday, June 21

Oz. Ewwww!!!!

The local Dairy Queen at lunch hour is a sesspool of skanky, awful junior high school types. Jam-packed with pimply, terribly dressed juveniles and their attendant hyperactive ignorance.

Today it was unuusally empty. Maybe a quarter of the usual raging hormones. Perhaps this being the end of school, schedules are off. Anyway, today I ordered my food, and while I was waiting, some kid sitting nearby, surrounded by his goofy group, says "Do you watch Oz?"

At first I thought I had overheard him talking to a friend, and I thought, "My god, you're too young to be watching Oz".

Then again "Do you watch Oz?" More pointed. He was talking to me.

"What?" I asked, naturally suspicious.

"Do you watch Oz?", then a dirty, yellow-teethed smile.

"I used to." I brace myself for the ridicule.

"Ewww. Oz is gay!" Laughter.

"You think so?" is all I could come up with. Conversation over.

I'm so disappointed in myself.

I, of course, should have invited him to join me in the Dairy Queen bathroom.


Calico Cat said...

You mean "cesspool" of pimply faced sexually confused teens 'caused by their overly affectionate 2nd uncle trailer trash' don't you??
Garbage such as that are running rampant in Summerside as well...
Little bastards will join the real world some day, of course that means to them following Dad to a life of handouts and being toughest asshole at the legion.
I was challenged to a fight once at Burger King, The little prick looked about 15. I politely said "excuse me" (somewhat sarcastically I should add) as I tried to exit the place one time with an arm full of food accompanied by my daughter. The shit stain was blocking the entrance having a smoke between the doors...
I drove away. Piss on'em. I tend to get even with that ilk sooner or later...

daves said...

after all, rob, we were at dairy QUEEN...

melinpe said...

Just remember, we were all teenagers once and we were talked about this way too!
What you say may come back and slap you in the face when your own kids enter the Teenage years!!!