Tuesday, May 11

Punk, Meet Dance. Dance, Punk.

Holy Camoley, but this is a fantastic effin song.

I haven't heard the original, which came out in 2003 on Iggy Pop's "Skull Ring" album, but this version, dance-mixed courtesy of Felix da Housekat, is fantastic.

I mean, holy shit. Peaches and Iggy need to give us a whole album of duets because together they are almighty.

This song is raw, funny, rude, rockin'. When Iggy, at about the 2:50 mark, goes into the sex-punk mantra 'titties titties titties...' I always wanna break sumfin in honour of him. Right there, that glorious ecstacy, is the perfect punk moment for me. That it's surrounded by 6 minutes of driving, pulsing dance beat only makes it better.

Check out Felix da Housekat's mix of Iggy Pop's Motor Inn by clicking here (7mb), or follow the arrow.


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