Thursday, May 6

I Just Got Back From Tomorrow

Since my prognosticating prowess is powerfully proper and postive, I’ll let you all know how it’ll go down tonight on Survivor.

Tomorrow, won’t I look like real smart?

Rupert, realizing that this is the last chance to out-number the Rob-Amber alliance, tries to sway Tom and Jenna into an alliance of three. Jenna agrees. Tom says “Ahm gamma petwain chirsa chirsa goat titties.”

This, of course gets back to Rob, who soothes Tom into believing he'll be safe if he promises to go to the final three with him and Amber.

Tom goes along with Rob, and they agree that Rupert must go next. Amber, ever the quiet manipulator in the background, all the while rubs Rob’s back, and nods.

Reward Challenge involves a running phase, followed by a brain-power phase. Rob takes the early lead, but stumbles with his brain. Jenna wins reward, which involves choosing to take someone to a traditional feast that involves a dance by the natives of the land. She takes Amber.

Immunity Challenge involves a brute-strength power and determination type challenge, which Rupert wins.

With Rupert safe, Tom and Rob (Amber nodding), decide it’s Jenna who goes, then.

Off to the vote.

Probst asks if it’s gotten ‘real’ now that there’s only five left. They all agree that it has. Jeff implies that, with 5 left, this would be a good time, perhaps the last time, for people to break any strong two-person alliances. Rob says “Thanks fo-ah tha heads up, Probst.”

Time to vote:

Probst: “The first vote: Jenna. Second vote for Boston Rob. Third vote Jenna. That’s 2 for Jenna, one for Rob. Fourth vote: Rob. That’s two for Rob, two for Jenna… The 13th person voted out is…Rob. Boston Rob, bring me your torch…”

“Well, guys, guess it just goes to show, no matter how sure you are that you’ve got all your bases covered, you just never know. Take your torches and head back to camp.”

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