Monday, May 10

L'Eau and Beholden

For the ever of its existence, our home has used its own well from which we sucked water from an underground stream. This worked very well for us, and the water tastes pretty good.

Today, we get hooked up to the Charlottetown water supply, aka “city water”, and our well gets decommissioned.

It’s only costing $1400.00 to hook up, and we now get to pay an annual fee to have water supplied to us. Yesterday, water was free for us. We also will now benefit from the bonus of occasional chlorine-y tasting water and the odd boil order.

Good deal!

Of course, we are given the option to not hook up to ‘city water’. For that option, the option of not getting water supplied to us, we are only required to pay the water-supply fee every year. We would have to pay the water-supply fee in order to *not* get water supplied to us.

Good deal!

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