Tuesday, February 20

Sketch22: A Trouser Turding

I'm waiting for the bus to take me home from work.  I have headphones on, listening to music.  Some guy, 40-ish,wearing sweat pants, crosses the street and approaches me rather briskly.  He's saying something to me but I can't make it out because of the music.  I turn the music off and I hear "...Sketch 22 last year!  My god it was funny! We laughed.  My wife nearly shit her pants!!"
And with that utterance he was off down the street.
I've heard of pissing oneself with laughter (and I know that I've made at least one person literally pee her pants from laughing so much), but it's far less common to shit oneself when laughing.  Honestly, it's a comedic achievement I don't want on my resume.

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