Tuesday, February 27

He... Hit... Me!

It's driving me crazy!!

Somewhere, sometime, somebody uttered the line "He... Hit... Me!"  Each word is afforded its own equal punch of  emphasis.  I first suspected it may have been a Sketch22 line from some character (either a Dennis character or a character of mine), but I'm thinking now it's not.

Anybody know the origin of that quote?  I've been saying it since lunch, and it's driving me crazy!!


davem said...

it's a movie i think. i can't remember which one but the scene is:
somebody hits somebody. and they go "he... hit...me"
But here's where i think i can help out... THEN
somebody says something else and the person that was hit still stunned by the blow repeats:
"he. hit. me!"
does that help?

Tim said...

It wasn't from Twin Peaks was it?

Jay said...

Was it from Grosse Point Blank?

Rob said...

Dave, I think I know of the scene to which you refer. Can't recall what it's from either, but I'm pretty sure it's not the same delivery. In the one you reference, I recall the delivery to be more of a shock and disbelief. Whereas the delivery of the version I have in my head gives each word its own strong emphasis. And there's not so much a disbelief tone, but more of a accusatory one?
Maybe it's a line from Sketch22's Roll Up The Rig I'm thinking of but have the actual words wrong. Doens't George Gill say something short like that at some point? Will have to watch it again. The more I think about it the more I think it might be something George Gill says in that video.

Jay said...

George definitely had a line like this. Why can't I remember it? Was it "You stole my coffee?"

Rob MacD said...

I think you may have unraveled my confusion, Jason Rogerson. Somehow I got the line "He. Hit. Me" mashed up with George's "stole my coffee" line. They both have the exact same inflections, so I can only assume that the "He Hit Me" line doesn't actually exist anywhere, in the delivery I thought it had.
I'm satisfied now.

Jay said...

Glad we got to the bottom of that. Isn't it great how people rally together on blogs to unravel the answers to the most mundane questions? I think it's wonderful.