Thursday, February 8

One Long Drive For A Woman...

...One giant leak for Womankind.

I don't follow stories like this one about the astronaut woman who drove from someplace to someplace to allegedly kill someone, mostly because news channels like CNN glom onto them and make them much, much bigger than they deserve to be.  Kind of like a Slow News Week "being called up to the big leagues" sort of deal.

But even I'll admit that 1) female astronaut, 2) driving a long distance while wearing a diaper, 3) attempted murder charges, 4) love and intrigue, and 5) look-like-a-nutjob photo makes it hard for ratings-craving news agencies to ignore this one.  Still, though, a brief skim of the headline and first couple of paragraphs of an internet story about it will be enough for me.

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