Tuesday, December 9

"Hands up," he said. "Haaaands up."

Today, during lunch, as I was walking (and walkman-ing) around the downtown core:

-a policeman was walking down the street toward me. I swear, it took all of my strength not to try and grab the gun from his holster as he walked past. This impulse wasn't one that built up as he approached. It was pure and intense and only instantaneous to his passing. I didn't want to do anything nefarious with the weapon, I just wanted to grab for it. Then I'd give it back. I wondered how the cop would react. By the way, in the end, I decided not to make a grab for the pistol.

-thinking about music, listening to music as I walked. Steven Garrity has posted his second Acts of Volition Radio Session and Matt's recent post referencing the Rolling Stone Top 100 got me thinking about music lists and playlists and such. Me, I prefer a lot of randomness to my music-listening adventures. I appreciate the studious and carefully compiled playlist of 10 songs which flow perfectly into the next, but ultimately I'd rather have a thousand or more songs randomly playing. I really like not knowing what's coming next, but knowing I'll like it well enough. As for Steven's 'theme' broadcasts, I thought 'great vocal performances' would make a great show. This thought struck me as I was listening to Tom Jones' "Delilah" (which was followed by X's "Los Angeles", then the theme to "Sanford and Son", then "Girl Afraid" by The Smiths, then...)

-I'm definately a stroller. Maybe even a saunterer. I take my time getting to where I'm going.

-I perceive myself as walking fairly erect. This may not be the case, maybe I stoop as I saunter, but I don't believe so. If anybody considers me a stooped saunterer, rather than an erect stroller, please let me know. But let me know gently, for god's sake.


Cyn said...

You're an erect stroller. I saw you the other day doing exactly what you were doing today, taking your time and listening to music. I honked but you were too engrossed in the tunes.

Matt said...

You're more of a shimmying shuffler. And I mean that as a positive.

Alan said...

The only benefit I might have had from being born 10 years later would have been hearing "Girl Afraid" at 13 and having my teen years even more screwed up. They just screwed up my twenties.