Friday, December 12

Now, That Was A Concert!

Okay, I'm granting you the chance to go back in time, to any place in the world, to any time in the 20th century to witness your favourite band/performer play one song live in concert. You will arrive in mid-concert amid the crowd already there, two minutes before the artist plays the song you chose, and then leave two minutes after the song is over.

You have to tell me who the artist is, where (time and place) the venue is, and what the song is. I'll even let you give me three choices. The best one choice gets to go.

My three choices are:

1) The Beatles in The Cavern in Liverpool in 1963 performing "Twist and Shout"

2) The Clash in any venue in London in 1977 performing "Complete Control"

3) The Pixies at U-Mass in Boston in 1990 performing "U-Mass"

3a) XTC anywhere at anytime playing any song.


Alan said...

I came very close with this one this summer. Just subtract 23 years and it would have been perfect.

dave m said...

this is a toughie. but think i'd go with 1978 at CBGBs in NewYork and watch Talking Heads do Life During Wartime...maybe... i dunno... good thread though

Rob MacD said...

Oh yeah, Talking Heads, CBGBs...that'd be a good one.

dave s said...

1) ramones doing "i wanna be sedated" at cbgb's
2) the cramps doing "grabageman" at some sweaty club in la
3) violent femmes doing "blister in the sun" on the street
(p.s. didn't want to repeat bands already posted, and i'd still love to see concrete blonde, garbage, nirvana, hole, camper van beethoven, james brown, white stripes, x,...)

dave s said...

i just noticed that you've changed the cut line under your blog name to a quote from one of the bands i mentioned. makes me happy.

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