Saturday, December 20


Or "Everything's Ducky".

Last night, I was out with Dave S and after a couple of pints, we decided if we could come up with a sure-fire terrible movie. One that was sure to flolp.

This is what we came up with (a couple of additions I've made this morning): Cox'N'Ducks is about a single mother, Sandy Cox (played by Posh Spice with voice over-dubbed by Elizabeth Taylor) and her two kids (Johnathon Lipnicki and that girl who was recently in those Pepsi tv ads, the Curley Sue type girl). A rich relative has died, and in his will, he bequeaths a large amount of money to the Cox family. Providing that they take care of a family of ducks for a defined period of time; and provided that they can spend a night in the haunted house.

The care-taking of the ducks takes its toll on the family and tensions are high. The night of the haunted house arrives and everyone is angry at each other. Various creepy things happen: a horse chase (or was it a nightmare!!), a talking dog and a talking cat (both voiced by Nathan Lane) who live in the house, set up traps to get the family to leave. And the appearance of the (animated) ghost of the rich relative (voice of Emeril), who gets the family to understand the true value of family, by having them look at how well the duck family gets along.

It's the morning of the big duck inspection, duck inspector (Rowan Atkinson) arrives. One of the ducks is sick, however, and the Cox family asks the talking cat to dress up as the duck, to fool the inspector. In return, the Cox family will adopt the cat and dog. Cat agrees. The inspection occurs, ducks pass inspection, the Cox family wins the money. But more importantly, they learn the true value of family.

Can you make it worse?


Alan said...

Soundtrack by Kenny Loggins.

Nils Ling said...

Find a part for Adam Sandler ... Adam Sandler, like Chevy Chase, makes any movie worse.

dave m said...

make it a canadian production.

Ann said...

Promo it as "a very special" movie experience

Derek Martin said...

What, no Dom DeLouise? Or is he finally realizing his dream of directing with this one?

Rob MacD said...

Yes, "Directed by Dom DeLouise" will feature prominently in the movie's poster.

frankie said...

"Based on a True Story".
This really happened to my aunt! Except she inherited thirty very sick cats in exchange for fifty thousand (or so) dollars. The deceased was a very eccentric vet lady. The family of the vet sued my aunt and everything. It was quite comical. And my uncle even kinda looks like a skinnier Dom Deluise, believe it or not.