Wednesday, March 26

Testing 1-2-3, Testing 1-2-3...

I've been using Google Docs quite a bit, lately. In fact, I do all of my personal writing within it. I've just noticed that there is an option to post to one's blog from Google Docs. So that is what this post is about: seeing how it works. (usually, I use ScribeFire to compose my posts) (yes, I'm too lazy to hyperlink to to these things)

Here's a picture of someone who is NOT too lazy, though. Moe Gorman.

I post that, only to see how inserting an image into a post looks on the blog page. And, now that I'm full of the "seeing how this works", I am going to un-lazify myself and put in some hyperlinks: Here's the link to Moe Gorman's Myspace page. Here's the link to the afore-mentions ScribeFire.

What else can I do?

There. Now to put this up on the ole blog.

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