Thursday, June 1

T.A.M. Daily Trivia - May Results

Here are the results of last month's The Annekenstein Monster Daily Trivia:

23 players played during the month.

1. Grover (275 points, 4 wins)
2. TracyJ (268 points, 3 wins)
3. Mrmovie (262 points, 3 wins)
4. reverseflash (260 points, 1 wins)
5. Wessie (257 points, 3 wins)
6. annekenstein (255 points, 1 wins)
7. dsoju (222 points, 4 wins)
8. RFTT1985 (216 points, 2 wins)
9. desperation (199 points, 1 wins)
10. dsoju's sis (179 points, 5 wins)
Congratulations, Grover, for being May's top Monster.  I hang my head in shame for my disappointing sixth overall.

If you're not playing, and want to, here's the link:

The Annekenstein Monster Daily Trivia

Once you sign up, it's easy to play:  Once daily, ten questions answered as fast as you can.


Tracy said...

*sigh* so close. Way to go, Grover, you fuzzy and blue cutie :)

dylan said...

Damn Rent questions. Damn Bible questions.

Cool Girl said...

Damn requirement for general knowledge! Damn requirement for general knowledge about anything other than my own beloved self!