Monday, May 1

The Not-So-Straight Story

This weekend, my son asked me if he could borrow the Canon A-510 digital camera and make a video.  He said that he and his friend, Keaton, had an idea to make a movie along the lines of "The Straight Story", by David Lynch.  (If you've never seen that film, you owe it to yourself to see it.  It's a wonderfully gently movie, starring Richard Farnsworth as an old guy who travels across country to visit his estranged brother, who is dying.

Since this sounded like a step up from their usual "two guys with swords chase each other and one dies at the end" plot-line, I gave them the camera for the afternoon.  They asked me to play a small (but pivotal, I think) role.  After the shoot was over, Cameron did a rough edit.  Then I helped out by tightening it up, deleting a couple of unnecessary scenes, adding music and titles, and finding an ending out of the non-ending footage they finished with.

Overall, I think they did a pretty good job, and even threw in a bit of an homage to the strangeness of David Lynch.

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