Thursday, May 4

Ow, My &*$&#*#&(@) Earhole! - Update

Just an update to all you bleary-eyed troopers who likely didn't get an ounce of sleep last night, worrying over the state of my son's ear.
Sleep well, tonight!! He went to see the specialist (one of three on the Island) in Summerside, who inspected him aurally, and then told him orally that it'd most likely heal itself, hourly, and in about 4 weeks.  In the meantime, no water is to enter the ear, so earplugs were purchased.

Yes, friends, earplugs were purchased.


Jay said...

Thanks for the update dude. I care about your family! Hang in there, Cameron.

Rob said...

Thanks, Jaymie. I care for your's too. Say "Hi" to Erma and Louis.