Friday, March 17

Top O' The Mor - Yeah, Right

Jean, Preston wedding 1948
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I was never one to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Something about my MacDonald Scottish ancestry forbids it. Of course, I don't celebrate Robbie Burns Day, either. Maybe I'm just a guy who can't get behind mass celebrations. Except, well, Christmas, I guess, which used to be a Mass celebration, if you know what I mean.

One day that I'll gladly celebrate, though, is my parents' anniversary. And, today, St. Patrick's Day, just happens to be the 58th anniversary of their wedding day. This picture was taken on that day.
58 years!
Happy anniversary, parents! And thanks for being so great.


daves said...

to jean and preston ---
happy 58th. now THAT is an accomplishment.

Jack Yan said...

How sweet—and that’s great! Congratulations! Two more to a big milestone. Are you planning anything for your folks for March 17, 2008?