Thursday, March 2

Everyone Into The Oscar Pool!!

Alright, okay.
This is the final reminder to join in The Annekenstein Monster Oscar Pool.

Click that link above, answer the questions and submit.  If you win, you could win great prizes, like:

An announcement on this site that you won!
A moment of consideration of your existence by the dozen or so people who might read your name in that announcement!!!
And, I've just decided, the winner will win (if it doesn't end up being more of a pain than it's worth) two complimentary tickets to the very next Sketch22 performance (currently scheduled for this summer).


davem said...

I'd just like to start the trash talk. I'm calling out Matt Rainnie! The only reason he won last year was because... okay... i'm a little rusty with the trash talk but suffice it to say Matt doesn't stand a chance this year. HA!

Rob said...

Doesn't stand a chance, especially since Matt doesn't seem to have submitted an entry this year. Unless he's using code names.

Rob said...

Ya hear that, ya hayseeds? We're using code names!

Matt said...

I'm in Moses. See you after school, punk.

davem said...

Oh, I see, ya had to wait for every last entertainment publication to issue their "best of" list so you could perform some arcane formulae and put in your "guesses" huh? Well, good luck, mister... you'll need it! These balloons come in funny shapes at all?

Nasoj Nosregor said...

I guess it would be wrong to put some money on this, so I won't suggest that. Again, I won't suggest putting money on this. Especially not $20. It's an honour just to playing with the big boys in this now semi-notable Monster tradition.
And smearing their sooky second-place faces into the pavement.

graham said...

I wish all parties my best wishes. Good luck, friends. I support you all. Your loss will be sad and humiliating. Cheer up, losers. Cheer up.

davem said...

okay, ice man and maverick, we'll see you on the flight deck.