Wednesday, March 29

Seal Meat Is Seal Murder

Morrissey will not be touring Canada, in protest of our country's "barbaric slaughter of over 325,000 baby seals."
Seriously, good for him, for taking a stance.

However, in return, I vow to not listen to any of Morrissey's solo albums, in protest of his "barbaric slaughter of the good memories I have of The Smiths".

Now, truthfully, I don't know how barbaric Morrissey's solo albums have been, but I assume my knowledge of his solo career is on par with his knowledge of the realities of the seal hunt.

I honestly don't have much of an opinion on the seal hunt (even though I posted earlier this month on Paul McCartney's visit to PEI to sing his Sealy Little Love Song).  I am not one to invest much concern into subjective "animal rights" issues, so my inclination is to be in support of it, as I think most of the anti-seal hype is based on emotion rather than fact.
As I said, good for him for taking a stance.  I look forward to his announcement of not touring in the USofA as a protest of the annual deer cull.  Oh, wait, killing deer isn't a hot-topic issue.  Even though sports hunters kill about 1 million Mule Deer and 2 million White-tailed Deer annually (compared to the 325,000 annual quota of seals).
What's the matter, Morrissey?  Aren't deer cute enough for you?  Have you not seen Bambi?


alexander o'neill said...

Shouldn't it then tick Morrissey off more if we continued to listen to and enjoy his music? I hope so, because You Are the Quarry was one of the best albums of 2004.
Of course, I downloaded it instead of buying it, take that, Morrissey.

graham said...

As I stated in my lst seal comment, killing the seals is humane compared to the raping I do to them. You ever hear a baby seal moan in sexual pain. Fuck all those celebs who should be focusing on their bullshit love songs. I think there should be an annual celeb-hunt, where we hunt celebrities using spiked bats and nets.

Jeanene said...

The big difference in killing deer is that you shoot them and they're usually dead at that point. The bludgeoning of seals is a particularly ineffective way of killing something, resulting in a long-drawn out, miserable death. Duh!

Rob said...

All those deer hunter, jeanene, and I'm sure that more than a few of them are not very good shots. Or, do deer hunters have magic bullets that somehow render the target dead immediately upon impact?

graham said...

It seems Jeanene has never been hunting and doesn't know much about it. a bullet does not kill instantly. Even a shot in the head is survivable. the ideal shot to kill a deer is around the shoulder. This might theoretically hit a nerve centre - rendering the deer unable to run too far, and if it does run, the shoulder shot is designed to cause the most internal damage possible. I am not an advocate of hunting. I do not personally enjoy it and can't see myself ever killing a mammal.
But I do see that the seal-hunt methods of brain-bludgeoning is infact more humane then targeted firearm hunting.
The seals are cuter. That's why there are more protests. They're just seals. Rats of the sea.
Disney movies are fictional. Animals don't think in English using complex observation vs philosophy. Animals are not aware of morals or ethics; Right and wrong etc. They just try to get food and reproduce.
The bottom line is: I don't care about the seals very much. they're not endangered.
There are bigger fish to fry.

Steverino said...

I think that seal hunting should be done mano-y-sealo. Hand-to-flipper combat. If an off-season fisherman can wrestle a seal to the death, and win, then he deserves the seal. It's, like, nature. It could also be a good sport on Cable 10. Without Grand Prix Wrestling on every Saturday, this would kill. Just imagine someone in their fishin' duds, trying to get a good enough hold on a seal, on an ice floe, to give it a spinebuster... a DDT... a tombstone... a Boston crab! Just think of the possibilities. It's better animal death entertainment than bull fighting. That stuff's just cruel.

rzzt said...

You might get a kick out of this:
Save the Baby Veal: Avoid Cultural Prejudice

graham (I haaate 'I looove kevin Corvais') said...

Now there's a campaign I might support. Bacon isn't veal right? Neither are burgers probably?