Thursday, January 5

Don't Know About The Music, But The CD Sucks!

Who would honestly think this is a good thing?  It's absolutely ridiculous, if you ask me.  By taking these measures "in order for you to enjoy a high quality music experience", they are surely alienting the very people they should be grateful to: the law-abiding CD purchaser.  Thanks for legally purchasing this music.  As a thanks, we are making this CD frustratingly restrictive.
The following is an insert of rules that is found in the latest CD from Coldplay.  
Is this the very definition of Unmitigated Gall?

Thank you very much for purchasing this CD and helping the cause of "Anti-Piracy".  The recordings in this CD have an anti-copying function.  They cannot be copied into a PC.  In order for you to enjoy high quality music, we have added this special technology.
Before using, please first read the following:
This CD cannot be burnt onto a CD-R or hard disk, nor can it be converted into MP3 for file sharing.
This CD has been manufactured for usage in regular CD players, but might not play in the following players:
  • Some CD players that have the capability of burning into an MP3 (such as portable players or car stereos)
  • Some CD players that possess CD-R/RW functions (such as portable players or car stereos)
  • Some car stereos with satellite "Guidance" systems
  • Some CD players or car stereos with hard disk recording capability
  • Some CD-R/RW Recorders used for music
  • Some portable CD players
  • Some DVD players
  • Some CD/LD Convertible Players
  • Some Game Players
Although you can use your PC's Windows program to listen to certain tracks, this does not meant that the CD can be played in all PCs.
  • The first time that this program is used (in Windows automatic starter software) it gets registered in Windows *File.  Thus, programs already registered do not affect Windows * operation
  • Windows OS also uses the latest files
This CD does not support Macintosh PC software
  • Except for manufacturing problems, we do not accept product exchange, return or refund.
Basically, it's "Thanks for being honest.  Good luck with it, and we hope you have a CD player in which this CD works.  Whether you do or not, you cannot return this CD.  Thanks, again!"

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Chris said...

On a Windows PC hold down the left shift button when you insert the CD (and hold it 'til you're sure Windows doesn't try to run the disc) and presto... play with any CD player app. Or you could back it up... to MP3.. of course.
In addition - Sony had somewhat of an issue regarding their copy protection... Link here:
CD's were recalled, and a class action suit was filed in the US.
Not sure what to do on a mac.

alexander o'neill said...

It took all of five seconds to find that CD on Soulseek. If I were a record company and I was smart I'd realize that this wil lonly encourage people to go looking for the songs on p2p networks.
All they're doing is stopping you from doing the perfectly legal act of importing the songs onto your computer.
I wonder if any of the guys in Coldplay have iPods and what do they think of not being able to listen to their own music on them.

Jason White said...

Fuck the music industry, and they wonder why people steal music.
It is like a DVD that I BOUGHT last week, there are advertisements on it not to pirate DVD's. I bought it, what the fuck?
Fair use is going the way of the do do, I hope sony gets their nuts kicked in for this.
And it is funny, the artists who dont get any money or little money love the idea of file sharing, but for the 3% who make all the money it is evil, does anyone else see the problem here?
Phew! I have been wanting to type that for some time.

graham said...

Cold play sucks anyway. I'm not even gonna download their piece of crap CD. And if it is actually good, I'll never admit it because of this anti-pirate nonsense.

Frankie said...

Bastards, eh? I'm still pissed because my new Eminem CD has all the f-words bleeped out. WTF?

graham said...

Shitty. Did you buy it at a department store?
I downloaded mine illegally. I'll make you a copy of the good one if you want, Don't know how I'll get it to you.