Monday, April 11

Three Wins

It's not often that the people/teams that I cheer for in any sport win.  Sunday it was victory, victory, victory.  All in sports that non-sports fans would probably find incredibly boring.

First up was Men's World Curling.  Canada won gold and won it fairly decisively.  I actually stoppes watching this game after about 6 ends, when it was clear they would win.  The really interesting game for Canada came during Saturday's semi-final against Germany.  Right down to the second last rock of the game.  I enjoy watching curling.  The 4-Rock rule has been great for increasing offense and increasing viewing interest.

Then I switched over to NASCAR.  I always cheer for Jeff Gordon.  Yesterday he won, after coming back from 3 laps down.  I have yet to sit through an entire NASCAR race.  Too many laps that take too much time out of a day.  Usually I'll watch a bit at the first, check in periodically over the next three hours, then try to tune in the final hour or so.  That's what I did yesterday.

I ended the sports-day marathon with The Masters, watching Tiger Woods win his 4th green jacket.  It was a pretty exciting final round.  Chris DeMarco just wouldn't give up, and kept pressure on Tiger who bogeyed his final two regular round holes, forcing a playoff.  Tiger won that.  He's a pretty intense guy, that Tiger.  I doubt I'd like to hang out with him for any length of time, but he's a pretty exciting golfer to be a fan of.

Also watched on Sunday:  Arrested Development, which continues to make me laugh out loud several times an episode.  And Deadwood, which I am enjoying more and more each week.


Paul H said...

You like Jeff Gordon?? GAAAWD!! Try cheering for Junior cause he sure needs it. (16th in points)

dylan said...

Junior doesn't need any more people cheering for him. What he needs is a fraction of the talent that Jeff Gordon has. Gordon is clearly a much better driver and has proven it over the last few years. Whereas Jr. is a marketing campaign driven by Budweiser and his father's legacy.