Saturday, April 23

He(a)r(e) Squared

Is it "Hear! Hear!", or is it "Here! Here!"?

My inclination is to think it's Here! Here!, but I could see it going the other way too.

Hear! Hear!... as in "Listen to what is being said.  And by me requesting that all around hear what is being said, I am endorsing it!"


Here!  Here!... as in "I agree with, and endorse what was just said.  I do.  Me.  Right here.  Here." or "I endorse you, sir. Me, standing here!"

I suppose too, it could be "Hear here!" in "Everyone here, in the vicinity of the speaker, hear what he has to say!"

1 comment:

Alexander O'Neill said...

It's definitely 'hear, hear' as in 'hear ye, hear ye'.