Friday, April 29

Red Carpet Sale - Predictions Half Off!!

Here's my Oscar picks for 2006:

Best Picture:
I imagine they'll revert back to their nonsensical judication process,
sooo... Harry Potter 4 or War of the worlds.

Best Actor:
This will go to the black actor in a non-comedy role, like Martin
Lawrence in Big Momma's house 3.

Best Female:
Definatly one of the greats that I used to like when I was younger,
until they became obscure. I can see Bette Middler, or Liza for their
stellar performance in the remake of Gone with the wind.

Best Director:
Let's see... They might give a sympathy one to Lucas, but I doubt it.
I'll go with... Eastwood again. People like him.

Best Sound design:
My personal favourite category will be swept again by Scott Millan and
Greg Orloff.

At any rate I'll give away more annekenstein goodies if any of my
predictions actually come true.


graham said...

I thnk it's only Big Momma's house 2 that'll be out for next years oscars. Not that I'm a fan....

Rob said...

And what makes you think they're not going to rush a Big Momma's House 3 into the market. Probably just at Christmas time, to take advantage of maximum Oscar buzz.

graham said...

good point

maryanne said...

Now I'm paranoid... who wrote this blog entry? Is it Rob or "Rob"? It was Rob-like (Rob-laisian?). Is this a guest spot? have we been Robbed or robbed?

Rob said...

And what of your comment, maryanne? Who wrote that? I mean, anybody could claim to be maryanne.
As for the author of the post, I'll never tell. Suffice to say that I posted it...