Thursday, March 31

Um...ehe ha

Telephone rings.
Good day, sir.  I'm calling from Rogers Wireless.  I'd like to tell you about a wonderful cellular phone deal--
Sorry, I'm not interested.

Oh... Do you think there might be someone else who might be?
You mean in the whole world?

(pause in which I actually hear the silent sound of confused panic)
Um..ehe ha...can you be a little more specific?
Yes.  Can you be a little more specific.
Ahee ha.  Well, we have two cellular phone--
I'm not interested.
Oh...Well you have a good day sir.
Thank you.


graham said...

LQIMH (Laugh quietly in my head).

Sidney said...

I miss you.
Also, poor confused telemarketer.

graham said...

Don't worry Sid, I'll be here on the soil or in the soil when you get back. I sure hope I'm on the soil.

Ralphie said...

I just soiled myself!