Monday, March 28

The Battle

We got a digital camera a month or two ago, and ever since, my son and his friend have been pestering me to use the "movie mode" of it to help them make a movie.  I have always been reluctant because, as other movie projects we've done in the past prove, it ends up with them having fun doing the acting, then it's a couple of hours of frustrating importing, uploading and editing on my part to get some type of finished product.  Frustrating because the program I use (the rather cheap Windows Movie Maker 2) keeps crashing, and any other program I've tried has been worse.
Anyway, Good Friday I relented and agreed to shoot them in a "movie".  It really is just an action scene, but they do actually have a rather involved plot outline for a larger feature.

We went outside, around our yard and for twenty minutes or so, we came up with some quick shots, which I then took and edited together.  Borrowing a cool piece of music, The Battle was complete.  It actually turned out much better than I thought it'd be.
I'm offering it here for only a couple of days because I don't want it eating up my limited bandwidth.

If you stumble upon this post after April 1, 2005, the download link will not be working.

Have a look, if you like.  It's a 7MB wmv file.

Download The Battle (6861.4K)


frankie said...

I don't know if it's my computer or not, but the movie kept stopping on me for about 7-10 seconds.
It was good but I really don't like that Children of the Corn music. Too scary.

Paul H said...

I laughed...I cried...I chortled... Not a good idea with a sore throat says I. Slow mo pretty good until you notice the cars in the background. Hey, it's low/no budget right? Ran fine on my PC.
CB needs a haircut...

Rob said...

Yeah, it was kind of hard to get the drivers of the cars to agree to a universal slo-mo speed.

dylan said...

Next time just block of the street to traffic until your done shooting.