Tuesday, March 10

Darlene the Coat-Hanger Lady

There's a collection of 3 foamy snowmen displayed in the Confederation Court Mall in Charlottetown.
It was pointed out to me yesterday that one of them looks eerily like Darlene, the Coat Hanger Lady. 
Today I took my camera to work to snap a picture at lunch. 
Here it is.

and from a bit farther away:


dave s said...

thank you. for doing this.

Peter Rukavina said...

I live in mortal fear of Darlene. Some days it seems like she just happens to show up exactly at the same places that I happen to show up.

Rob MacD said...

Peter, I am fearful of her too. I respect the fear, and I respect Darlene. Is there a harder working, more enterprising person in town?

Steverino said...

Pretty funny, but the resemblance isn't striking. The close-up has a bit of a resemblance... the zoomed-out shot loses the resemblance (and the drama).
I've always wanted to do a small book on the "interesting characters" of PEI.