Saturday, February 21

My New Band - Burlington GO Station

Here's a new meme (new to me, anyway) that's kinda fun:  Wikipedia Names Your Band
Go to the Wikipedia main page and click Random article.  That first random page's title is the name of your band.
Next, go to this random quotes page. The last few words of the last quote on the page is the title of your album.
Finally, go to Flickr's Interesting photos of the past 7 days page.  The third photo on that page is your album cover.

Here's my results (I tweaked the photo using Piknik:
Band name:  Burlington GO Station
Album name: When Thy Power Can But Whisper
(I think my band is an acoustic politico-folk trio.  I don't like my band.)

1 comment:

Peter Rukavina said...

I launched many happy trips into Toronto from the self-same Burlington GO Station when I was young, so I will, of course, be a supporter of the band.