Friday, November 28

Testing Testing Is This Thing On?

I came across this Odiogo thing that allows you to turn your blog posts into podcasts, or into audio which you can download, listen to, or whatever.  I thought I'd try it out.

I'm posting the opening monologue from last summer's Castrato sketch from Sketch 22.  I want to see if it does justice to the text.  Heck, this could revolutionize the way we perform our sketches!!

Have a listen to this.

IL Castrato, Scene 1.

Lights up.

A dressing room, such as in any theater anywhere.

Il Castrato sits at the dressing table. He addresses the audience.

Alas, my friends, attend this tale of woe.
For I, gelded on fame's throne lately sat
For tunes warbl'd, am falsetto castrat.
Cel'brated by all, like angel's rejoice
Melodies sung on high in pure of voice.
A pre-pubescent stunt, doctor performed:
My testicles chopp'd when not yet tenor
Left me permanently baritone deaf!
Now, my talents unequall'd, fame unmatch'd
Where 'ere I arrive, E! News is dispatch'd.
Fame, wealth, power. Invites to parties all.
Would give't all up just once to rub my balls.

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