Friday, January 4

Uncovered: Video of Rob's First Drunk At Bar Experience


So, my brother had this really old vhs video camera that he found in his attic.  There was a tape inside.  One segment of the tape features me.  I believe this segment captures one of the first times I was drunk at a bar.  In this video, I think I am patiently waiting for the waitress to return with another shot of tequila.

Rob's First Drunk?

I'm guessing the bar is GJ's, but I don't remember them playing such au curant music.



Paul H said...

Quote from Sweet Home Alabama
"Look at you, you have a baby... In a bar".
who was supposed to be looking after you...if that is really you...?

maryanne said...

and the baby keeps sticking it in his mouth. so being a sucker for punishment is obviously born in us all.