Thursday, September 20

Would You Do Your You?

If you happened to meet yourself, identical in pretty much every way to the you you now are, except that the you you meet is of the opposite sex, would you try to have sex with yourself?  I mean, with your opposite gender you?

What if you were drunk and met your other-gendered you, also drunk, at a house party?

For the gay people:  Would you fuck yourself?


al said...

I think I'd go so far as to say I'd to my same-gendered self, despite not being gay. Only because it would be a purely mutual exchange of pleasure, and not - assuming the other you would return to his own dimension afterwards - have any consequence for your future relationships.
Because "would I marry myself?" would probably be an entirely different answer, regardless of gender.

dave s said...

i already have

Graham said...

I'd fuck the female me, and I have sex with myself on a regular basis

stan rogers said...

I'd flirt with myself but due to high standards I wouldn't seal the deal.
Throw massive amounts of alcohol into the equation and I'd probably throw myself a shag or at least a grope session if I thought I could get away with none of my friends knowing.
Actually I'm not sure if I can attribute that to high standards or low self esteem.