Friday, September 28

Pierre Trudeau Video Contest

Sketch22 recently entered the Funny or Die "Pierre Trudeau said there'd be days like this" video contest.  This Canadian-focused contest asked participants to upload a 2-minute video with the criteria that "Pierre Trudeau said there'd be days like this" included somehow in the video.

The top five videos would be chosen and on Oct.2 would be shown at the Rivoli in Toronto before an audience, who would then vote for their favourite among the five.  The top vote-getting video gets $1000.00.

Sketch22's video has made it into the top five!!

I don't think we'll win (that would be the Days Like This video, I'm guessing), but I think ours is Top Two material.

UPDATE: So, the winning video was "Everyday Life (Reality Show)". It was my second least favourite of the five. Go figure.

Here are the Top Five:

Not sure if any of the Sketch crew will be able to make it to Toronto to represent, but let's all send good PEI vibes to the Rivoli on Tuesday night!

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