Monday, July 23

Movie Plots as Limericks

I saw a site that rewrote famous poems as limericks.

I thought it'd be fun to do the same with films.

Here's two to start with:


A woman steals money at lunch hour
Gets surprisingly killed in the shower.
Balsam investigates
And meets Mother Bates.
Poor Norman ends up in Nut Tower.

Saving Private Ryan

Starts and ends with guns and bombs flyin'
In between is the search for bro Ryan.
Tom Hanks wonders why
He needs to die for this guy.
Old Ryan remembers, starts cryin'.

It's A Wonderful Life

There once was a man named George Bailey
Who tried to leave town almost daily.
"End my life!" he insisted.
Saw his life not-existed.
His friends rallied round, all sang gaily.

Wanna play along?  Add your own movie limericks in the comments. 

Challenge:  Be the first to turn the entire LotR trilogy into a single limerick.


graham said...

Mahoney was your average Dunse
Who traded jail for a badge and guns
Jones was good at making sounds
While Tackleberry fired off rounds
And though it seemed they'd never make it
In the end they all Graduated

dave s said...

deep throat
linda lovelace can't cum
fears her body is numb
'til she finds in her throat
little man in a boat
now every tom, dick & harry's her chum

dave s said...

lotr i, ii, & iii
there once was a ring that was stolen
by a creature whose ego got swollen
little guys on the hunt
defeated the runt
then returned to the shire, happily strollin'.

graham said...


davem said...

kane was a citizen dud
though he started his career as a stud
lost his sleigh, found xanadu
soul got small, but waistline grew
ps his last word was "rosebud"

Jay said...

Marty was your average guy
Till he drove 88 to '55.
George punched out Biff
His dad and mom kissed
And the Dolorean flew into the sky

Graminem said...

but what movie is it Jay?

sara said...

such a shame im married, ur married it would be so beautiful rob