Saturday, January 6

PEI Revue!!!!

Hey!  Did you know that the first annual PEI Revue is less than two weeks away?

What's the PEI Revue, you ask.  Well, it's a comedic look back at the year that just passed by on PEI.  It plays at the Carrefour Theatre Jan.18-20.

It's gonna be pretty funny, I think.  More details to come as the event approaches.


graham putnam said...

I wish Graham Putnam was in it. He sure is a handsome devil, if I may say so myself.

Rob MacD said...

I had heard Graham Putnam was going to be off island this winter, so I suspect the possibility of his being in the show wasn't really considered based on that information.
But I agree on his handsomeness and devilness.

Cyn said...

Can't wait to see it. Good luck Rob and Co.