Wednesday, September 6

Two Questions from the Halifax Trip Answered:

On the Sketch22 trip to Halifax last weekend, two questions came up for which there was no answer any of us were sure of:
Why do Canadians say "zed" and Americans say "zee"?  Here's the answer.  Turns out Americans say "zee" and everyone else says "zed". 
Do seagulls make nests?  According to this Cheltenham governement site, they do:

Life Cycle

pairs court in April and commence nest building from early May onwards.

In towns the nests tend to be constructed from straw, grass, twigs,

paper and any other materials the gull can conveniently use. These

nests can be large and if they are made of material accumulated over

several years, they can become quite heavy. This means that if a

breeding site is established then the gulls with return year after year.

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ghislaine said...

thanks, Rob...the seagull question has been haunting me.