Thursday, September 28

Monkey Island

I used to work at MBS Radio.  I left the company primarily because I got tired of working for a company that didn't seem to care one iota about the people who worked for it.  For the most part, I enjoyed working with the people I worked with.  But the company itself drove me (as it had countless others) away.
Anyway, I was made aware that the Charlottetown stations (CFCY and Magic93) are looking for a new producer, and that their online advertisement was rather, um, unique?
Here it is, in part:


Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Some say that primates are a gene or two short from

being human … so we could actually hire a monkey as a producer, but we’re

looking for more than a button pusher … we want someone with that special touch,

a magical touch when it comes to producing commercials and station

imaging.  A producer

who understands the entire process of production from client expectations to

programming consistency.

"we could actually hire a monkey".  Is this really supposed to entice a potential producer to come and work there?  Anyway, perhaps it's just sour-grapes on my part, but this made me laugh.

At any rate, I see a potential sitcom for Bolo, the Monkey President.

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graham said...

Imagine if I got the job... the power... yes... the plan... it's working...but, no;
They say they need someone with the magic touch!! But I am no wizard!
Alas I am but a mages clerk... But if I 'borrowed' the wizard hat when I went for my interview - Tricks!I need tricks!