Sunday, April 9

Steve Livingstone Posted by Picasa


Steve Livingstone said...

Whoa, Annekenstein its almost 4 am on the 19th of April. My cousin has just notified me that I was wanted for a PEI crime. Sounds like a case for C.S.I PEI. Call 1-800-222-TIPS. Nah its an false alarm, but curious as to why the picture is posted. It just says my name, and doesn't explain, but thankfully show I was not wearing pants. HAHA. Hell, I best be off this deal they call Internet and after realizing these new recent updates in technology, I am scared but somehow arroused, and boggled all at the same time. Thanks for the publicity, I'm sure with my teeth, I could be a hit in England, who knows? All the best to you, and the crew this summer, thanks again.

dita said...

LOL nice pic of Steve. Ah he's one funny guy.

- Mandy -