Thursday, April 20

Christmas Driving Lights

Here's a video that was part of the Sketch22 Christmas show last year. I'm quite fond of it.

If you prefer to visit the YouTube page where it's located, here's the link to Christmas Driving Lights.

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Jason said...

Easily the funniest part of the show last Christmas. Good stuff Rob.

dylan said...

just watched it on youtube and voted for it and everything. It's just as funny now as it was the first time. Is this the beginning of multiple videos from Sketch22 finding their way to Youtube?

Tracy said...

The turn signal at the end made it not so sad. Excellent! :) And I just realized that Dennis is the eyebrow wiggle guy on that Rentals place commercial.

shane bryanton said...

Strange watching t5his little bit of PEI from Ottawa... good to see the Sketch 22 gang.
Maybe I'm getting too old but I found this short quite touching and more than a little sad.

Rob said...

I think, Shane, that is an acceptable response to the video.

Mandy said...

Lordie., I went to the show twice, and both times this skit near killed me. I loved it so much... good work