Wednesday, July 27

The Sixest Feet Under Ever

I've been enjoying... no, not so much enjoying... rather anticipating each week's episode of the new season of Six Feet Under.  Well, last Monday's episode had me on my knees (metaphorically) begging it not to stop when it did.
I almost couldn't handle the ending.  I won't give anything away, but, and I use this phrase entirely in its teenaged girl form: OH MY GOD.
How many more sleeps until next show?


ghislaine said...

I havent seen any of this season, and I need to know what is happening. Perhaps we can have a private table at eggrolls on Thursday and you can fill me in. Be aware that I want details on every episode in which Peter Krause has gone jogging or worn Levis.

alexander o'neill said...

numb arm numb arm numb arm...
*paging Diane Selwyn*