Thursday, July 21

Go Fish

I'm putting up here, for a very limited time, the lates MacDonald Family Film Production.  It's called Go Fish.  It's a study of the corruptive power of greed and its consequences.

It's a fair sized download, about 40MBs, but this film contains some of the best acting and dialogue I've ever seen.  The tension that builds throughout is palpable and by the end of the movie, I dare say everyone who watches it will be on the edge of their seat, wondering what will happen.  And then, when you see how it concludes, well, it will blow you away.

Seriously though, this is a fun film.  My favourite, of the 3 or 4 that I made with my son and his friend Keaton.

Click on this link to download, if you like.
It will only be around for a little while, because it eats away at my monthly bandwidth allotment.

(I have removed the link.  It was pushing me over my limit.)


graham said...

TThat's awesome. It Jupiters all the little flicks I made as a kid.
Good acting , good editing, nice story.
They should and will keep making things.

Josh said...

Nice work guys...great poker face Cameron...or Fish face, I guess.

Jay said...

Another MacDonald Family Pictures classic. As a fan of awkward pauses, I was wholly satisfied. Good job all around. Keep 'em coming.

Rob said...

See, Jay, those weren't awkward pauses. They were what's called "building dramatic tension". When you have as many film credits under your belt as I do, well, you learn a few things.
Sorry if I got to 'technical' for you. We film-makers sometimes forget to dumb down the lingo when we're talking to "civilians".

Jay said...

On behalf of civilians everywhere, thanks for setting me straight on this Rob. Dramatic tension. Sounds exciting! Someday I'll learn.