Thursday, December 30

3 Awesome Things In This Photo

Can you find any awesome things in this photo:

Here are my three awesome things found in this photo:

1. The dude is defying gravity.  Gravity defiance is special enough, but for a dude this size... <applause>

2. Dude is channeling the ghost of Rodney Dangerfield.  Seriously, look at his face.  Plus the "no respect" tie.

3. Quick access to his junk, terrific for drive-by urinalizing.  Did that rip just happen during this event, or has it been there for some time?  Question needs answering.

4. (bonus) The stellar powerpoint, or whatever it is, on the projection on the wall.  Any ideas on what it's about?

If you can't add any more awesome things about this photo (like the dude's insane Don Johnson hair), perhaps you could write a short introductory play-let as to how these guys got to this moment that is frozen eternally.

Something like:

Skinny Dude:  Dude, this powerpoint or whatever it is is lame squared.  Let's up the party!

Heavy Dude (running and jumping): Karate chop kick!!

Skinny Dude:  Dude, you're defying gravity!

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